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Renegade Pro Quad ELECTRIC 36v Green

Renegade Pro Quad ELECTRIC 36v Green


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A great-looking direct-drive electric ATV that you can ride on the trail or around the yard.

This ATV has a 36v 500w Brushless Electric Motor and is shaft-driven (No chain!)

All this with the simplicity that comes along with electric!

Why do we like this ATV so much?

No chain makes maintenance much simpler. It’s one of the most common maintenance items with kids powersports.

This ATV is quiet, relatively simple, and doesn’t require much mechanical knowledge.

The selectable speeds are a great safety option for new rider.

Unlike many gas ATV’s in this price range, this also has reverse!

How hard is it to get parts?

This is the question every experienced buyer asks as it’s really important to maintain the ATV over time.

We carry parts for all the products we sell.

Here are all the parts we carry for this ATV

How old should my child be before riding this?

As a parent, you know best what your child’s current abilities are and the environment they will be riding in.

Safety Features:

– 3 selectable speeds (3, 6, and 9MPH)

– If local laws allow (outside the USA) the Quad can be set so that the 3 speeds are 5, 15, and 20MPH.

– Front and rear disc brakes

What else should I know?

Please choose carefully and read our return policy. Due to very high shipping costs it is very expensive if you need to return an ATV.

Warranty: 60 Day Parts Replacement


Motor: 36 Volt 500 Watt (Brushless Shaft Drive)
Battery: THREE 12v 12ah (36v Total)
Top Speed: 5 & 15 & 20 MPH (parental speed control by key)
Recommended Age: 8+ years old
Certification: ASTM F963
Max Rider Weight: 165 lbs
Frame: Steel
Horn: Yes
Front Wheel: 14×4.10-6
Rear Wheel: 14×5.00-6
Brakes: 2 disc front, 1 disc rear (with parking brake)
Suspension: 2 independent front shocks, 1 rear shock
Throttle: Variable twist-grip
Seat: Padded (single rider)
Handlebars: Adjustable Forward/Back
Battery Meter: Yes
Key: Yes
Headlights: Yes
Charging Time: 4-6 hours
Charger Included: Yes
Assembly Required: Yes
ATV Size: 47x28x28 inches
ATV Weight: 125 lbs
Seat height from ground: 20 inches
Box Size: 45x24x23 inches
Box Weight: 145 lbs


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