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MotoTec X1 110cc 4-Stroke GAS Pit Bike Green

MotoTec X1 110cc 4-Stroke GAS Pit Bike Green


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This new generation of Kids bikes have all the features and simplicity of the big brands at an affordable price. These bikes come in several sizes!

Why do we like this Bike so much?

You have the simplicity of a 4-stroke and electric start, and the power of a 110cc engine. This bike is going to be a delight for riders of many skill levels.

There is no need to shift gears with this bike, making it an ideal for new riders.

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Motor: 110cc 4-Stroke

Torque / HP 4.94 ft-lb / 6.7HP

Transmission: 1 Gear Automatic w/speed limiter

Top Speed: 37 mph (with speed limiter)

Starting: Electric push-button


Frame: Chromalloy

Suspension: Front & Rear

Seat Height: 23 in

Tires: 10 inch (front and rear)

Max Rider Weight: 160 lbs

Why might you consider something else?

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How hard is it to get parts?

This is the question every experienced buyer asks as it’s really important to maintain the bike over time.

We aim to carry parts for all the products we sell. Here are all the parts we carry for this bike

How old should my child be before riding this?

As a parent, you know best what your child’s current abilities are and the environment they will be riding in.

Safety Features:

– Cut-off tether

What else should I know?

Warranty: 60 Day Parts Replacement

Please choose carefully and read our return policy. Due to very high shipping costs it is very expensive if you need to return a bike.

Cannot ship to California


Motor: 110cc 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled
Max Power: 5.7 HP @ 8000 RPM
Max Torque: 4.94 ft-lb @ 5500 RPM
Transmission: Automatic Single Gear
Engine Start: Electric Start (12v/4ah battery)
Drive Train: #420 Chain (14T, 39T Sprockets)
Wheelbase: 39.37 inches
Front Tire: 2.50-10 (10 inch)
Rear Tire: 2.50-10 (10 inch)
Seat Height: 23 inches
Max Rider Weight: 160 lbs
Ground Clearance: 8.26 inches
Frame: Cradle Type Steel Tube
Front Forks: Telescopic 550mm, Travel 100mm, Tube 27mm
Rear Shock: Coil Spring 270mm, Travel 43mm
Swing Arm: 320mm Steel
Rims: 1.4×10, 1.4×10 Cast
Front Brake: Single Piston, 190mm Disc
Rear Brake: Single Piston, 190mm Disc
Dirt Bike Dimensions: 60x26x33 inches
Dirt Bike Dry Weight: 111 lbs
Box Size: 50x14x25 inches
Box Weight: 127 lbs
Spark Plug: A7TC
Top Speed: 41 mph (with adjustable speed limiter)
Recommended Age: 13+




Mototec USA

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