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Mud Monster Electric Go Kart Red

Mud Monster Electric Go Kart Red


Ultimate Kids Go Kart! Full Suspension, Adjustable seat, Seat Belt, Rollover protection. USA parts availability. Free Shipping!

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The true driving experience only happens with a steering wheel, and the most fun happens off-road. This Kart gives you the best of both worlds and is one of very few that come with front and rear suspension!

Whether your track is in the back yard, around the house, or between some carefully placed traffic cones, this Off-Road Go Kart delivers with a 48v 1000w Brushless Electric Motor and exclusive Kid Speed features! The suspension is a game-changer, most yards aren’t perfectly flat and having suspension helps smooth out the bumps. It’s really hard to find a Kart with suspension.

Kids get to hone their driving skills, start, stop, turn, and ….. maybe some drifting and donuts.

Why do Parents like this Kart?

Number one reason is that it’s safer than the alternatives:

  1. Brakes! – Kids can easily and fully mash the foot-pedal brake when needed vs the more challenging hand-operated brakes found on Quads and Dirt Bikes
  2. Lap Belt – Comes standard with a lap-belt and you add a 4-point harness simply if needed
  3. Metal Frame and Safety Bar
  4. Advanced Speed Control (Governor). This has a full mechanical governor that allow the Kart top speed to be slowed down, but for it to maintain enough power needed to climb hills etc. versus a simple throttle control
  5. Adjustable Seat

After a couple of months you might find yourself buying a second one so you can have races ๐Ÿ™‚ While I’m 6ft and technically too big for this kart, I’ve definitely had some time behind the wheel ๐Ÿ™‚

Why might you consider something else?

If you don’t have a place to plug it in, or aren’t good at remembering to plug it in, and you are mechanically skilled, I’d recommend the gas version.

If you want the most speed or like to ride for hours, I’d also consider the gas version.

How hard is it to get parts?

This is the question every experienced buyer asks as it’s really important to maintain the kart over time.

We aim to carry parts for all the products we sell.

Here are all the parts we carry for this Kart

What else should I know?

Please choose carefully and read our return policy. Due to very high shipping costs it is very expensive if you need to return a Kart.

California Approved

Warranty: 60 Day Parts Replacement


Motor: 1000w Brushless
Battery: Four 12v/12ah Sealed Lead Acid (48v 12ah Total)
Max Rider Weight: 150 lbs
Rider Height: Up to 63 inches fits comfortably
Top Speed: 10mph, 20mph Selectable Speed (weight dependent)
Suspension: Dual Front Hydraulic Shock, Single Rear Hydraulic Shock
Front Wheels: 14×4.10-6 Pneumatic
Rear Wheels: 14×5-6 Pneumatic
Brake: Foot operated Hydraulic Rear Disc
Go Kart Weight: 192 lbs
Go Kart Size: 58x33x43 inches
Wheelbase: 36 inches
Min Ground Clearance: 5 inches


Mototec USA