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We want you to have a great experience so we are continually adding videos for assembly (guide only), routine maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Single-Seat Go Karts

Spitfire (Mud Monster) Gas – Changing the Spark Plug

Spitfire (Mud Monster) Gas – Adjusting Governor & Throttle Cable

Spitfire (Mud Monster) Gas – Adjusting the Chain

Spitfire (Mud Monster) Gas – Bearing Change

Assembling the Go Kart – Electric Version

Spitfire (Mud Monster) Tire Pressures

Mototec X-Series Dirt Bikes

Mototec X1 110cc Dirt Bike Assembly

Mototec X1 / X2 / X3 110cc Chain Adjustment

Mototec X1 / X2 / X3 Oil Change

Mototec X3 125cc Dirt Bike Assembly

Ride-on Toys

Monster Truck Ride-on Assembly

Pocket Bikes

Pocket Bike Assembly and Adjustment


Safety Removal – 36V Quad

Fuse install – 36V Quad

Wheel Squeak / Brake Adjust – 36V Quad

2-Seat Go Karts

Chain Adjustment during Setup

Safety Removal – 36V Quad